Hero Still Can't Believe His Luck

Article excerpt


Only a year in showbiz, "Star Circle Quest" Batch One grand questor Hero Angeles has realized its tough to last in a business where new talents sprout daily and the mortality rate for survival is high. Having fulfilled his childhood dream and now considered one of the hottest young heartthrobs in tinseltown, Hero is aware he simply cannot be complacent with his soaring popularity.

After winning the title in the "Star Circle National Teen Quest" last year, Heros showbiz career grew by leaps and bounds. Yet even as he enjoys his dizzying popularity, he has been working hard to maintain his enviable status in the local entertainment scene.

"I know a lot of guys would want to be where I am now thats why I am doing my best in everything that I do," asserts Hero, whos easily recognizable with his F4-ish hair. "Being in showbiz has given me so many opportunities I could only imagine before."

Admittedly, Heros entry in showbiz has helped his struggling family, which underwent one financial trial after another over the course of his young life. Prior to his showbiz salvo, Hero took it upon himself to earn even a meager income to help settle his familys financial obligations. So he looked for work while still a Fine Arts student at the University of the Philippines.

He auditioned for ABS-CBNs "Star Circle Quest." Little did he know that his gamble would pay off and bring him success, fame and good fortune. Today, Hero is pleased to have settled some of his familys debts with his showbiz earnings, although he is far from being the breadwinner.

He may have been an overnight sensation after he was named "Star Circle Quest" grand questor, but Hero also had his struggling years before in showbiz. He did modeling stints for print and billboards and even worked as an extra in ABS-CBN shows like "Berks" and "Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan."

Up to this day, there are still moments when Hero, who was initially reserved and naturally shy, finds it unbelievable how he gained stardom in such a short time. What other talents take a lifetime to do, he has achieved in considerably less than a year in showbiz.

With regular shows like "SCQ Reload" and "ASAP Fanatic" (he was also in the now-defunct "Krystala"), Hero went on to invade the big screen, too. After his first successful team-up with Sandara Park (his fellow "Star Circle Quest" finalist) in the blockbuster trilogy, "Bcuz of U," Hero gets his launching movie with Sandara as part of the love team in Jose Javier Reyes "Can This Be Love."

Star Cinema executives obviously felt it was the right time to give Hero and Sandara their solo movie. And they did make the right decision. "Can This Be Love" is now making a killing at the box-office. The movie also stars Roxanne Guinoo, Joross Gamboa, Aaron Villaflor, Paw Diaz, Raphael Martinez and Erika Clemente, with Tirso Cruz III, Roderick Paulate and Eugene "Simang" Domingo. …