Kjwan's Ever-Changing Marc Abaya

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"Change is the only constant thing in life" a saying that perfectly applies to the life and music of Kjwans vocalist and MTV VJ Marc Abaya.

From being the frontman of Sandwich for seven consecutive years, Marcs careful strides in his career led him to MTV in 2003 and made him one of its resident VJs. His vast knowledge of music never fail to satisfy the cravings of people who dig all types of songs.

"To be stuck in one genre would be the death of any musician. You have to keep an open ear at all times," explains the 25-year-old VJ cum singer.

Although Marcs musical inclination is on rock tunes, this guy admits he was greatly influenced by Erykah Badus pop and world music, and the treatment of U2 and A Perfect Circle on their pop rock songs.

Those whove heard Kjwans first self-titled album have, perhaps, noticed most of the songs in it (accompanied with powerful guitar chords) spoke of love, the exhilaration of experiencing it, the pangs of a heartbreak, and the trauma that comes with betrayal. As for their second album, which is currently in the works, Marc says most of their songs here are about growing up.

"The music of our first album is a little moodier. Im sure anybody who has listened to that album and liked it would say that weve matured as a band. They will surely enjoy this second album which will be released in September because its about the stages in life that one has to go through in the process of growing up. …