Alcatel Fortifies Enterprise Network Security Framework

Article excerpt

Alcatel recently broadened its CrystalSec security framework with the introduction of the Alcatel Quarantine Engine, dramatically strengthening the enterprises ability to play an active role in preventing and containing security issues. Alcatel also announced two new relationships with end-point security leader Sygate and network security leader Fortinet. These new addition to Alcatels CrystalSec security framework provide enterprises and business partners with the unique ability to source best-of-breed security solutions from one networking company, while offering the industrys best value in network-enabled security.

The partnership between Alcatel, a leading network infrastructure provider, and Sygate and Fortinet, outlines the growing demand for multivendor security solutions that bring the best of hardware and software to safeguard the enterprise. A recent study made by antivirus firm Trend Micro tallied more than 7,500 viruses and worms in the first quarter of 2005, up 300 percent from the same period in 2004 and 200 percent more than the previous quarter. Trend Micro claimed that malicious applications such as worms and viruses broke past the 7,000-barrier for the first time in the first quarter of this year.

"The need for more innovative security solutions for the enterprise is the heightened by the fact that a single virus or worm can disable thousand of computers in a networked environment, bringing company losses oftentimes to the millions," said Alex Filocca, Alcatel Enterprise Solutions Division marketing director for Southeast Asia. …