Novell Ships Open Enterprise Server

Article excerpt

Novell Philippines recently began shipping Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES), a suite of software solutions that delivers proven file, print, directory, management, collaboration and application services to large networked business environments.

The introduction of OES to the Philippine market highlights the growing popularity of Linux-based software systems in enterprise-class environments. Open Enterprise Server, which runs on top of the popular Novell NetWare, or the Linux kernel, offers network services such as integrated management tools, identity-based services and Novells global support ecosystem to meet enterprise-class computing needs.

Open Enterprise Servers unique networking foundation allows NetWare and SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server to coexist and interoperate within an organization. With Novell Open Enterprise Server, enterprises wont have to rip out existing infrastructure. Administrators can deploy any or all of the included technologies including the suites common management, directory, and upgrade utilities in a single ecosystem backed by Novell.

"Open Enterprise Server protects the prior investment that customers made in NetWare and extends to them the freedom and flexibility of Linux. Only Novell is offering software from both the open source and commercial spectrums to allow customers the flexibility of choice which provides them real economic value through lower costs," said Ernest Low, Country Manager, Novell Philippines.

NetWare and SUSE LINUX are leading enterprise software systems that have been in use in many large organizations for some time. "The launch of Open Enterprise Server in the Philippine market reflects Novells commitment to customers by providing solutions that provide continuity amidst changing technologies, while addressing growing enterprise concerns," Low said. …