Pasay City Gov't Trained in Data-Gathering

Article excerpt

The Community Base Monitoring System (CBMS) of De La Salle University (DLSU) conducted a training of key leaders in the planning and cooperative offices of Pasay City government to get accurate information from its constituents.

Aimed at diagnosing the real situation and condition of Pasay City residents, the data gathered will help Pasay City government come up with permanent solutions for the constituents pressing needs and problems.

Engineer Merlita Lagmay, head of the City Planning & Development Coordinator in Pasay City, said CBMS has been a great help to the Pasay City government since it began training and equipping her people last December to do the actual information gathering in Barangay 179, Maricaban.

"The information of data gathering of its constituents focuses on health, nutrition, livelihood, employment, education, and housing, she said.

Respondents covered 34 blocks with a population of 4,425, of whom 2,163 males and 2,262 females.

On health and nutrition, at least four households have malnourished children; 6-11 years old have not gone to elementary school; 92 children aged 6-11 years old have not finished elementary grades; 123 children have not finished high school, and 83 children aged 6-16 years old have not attended school.

Basic necessities like access to potable water, 25 households have no access to safe water, 12 households have no access to sanitary toilet and 26 households have no electricity. …