Angara Proposes Holiday for Health Workers

Article excerpt


To ease the plight of the countrys health workers, Senator Edgardo Angara yesterday urged the immediate enactment of the bill declaring May 7 as "Health Workers Day."

Angara said its approval will serve as governments expression of sincerity to health workers, whom he tagged as the "unsung heroes of our everyday lives."

Under his bill, Angara batted for the declaration of a special public holiday on May 7 as day of the health workers to promote public awareness on their living and working conditions.

He said Proclamation No. 96 in 1987 signed by former President Corazon C. Aquino urging the annual celebration of the Health Workers Day was not enough to bring attention to the plight of the health workers.

The bill, Angara said, will breathe life into another proposed law which he authored, Republic Act No. 2305, or the Magna Carta for Health Workers.

He said it is high time for the government to give health workers sufficient budget to address their needs and insulate them from abuse and exploitation, saying most of them are overworked and underpaid.

"The annual public observance of Health Workers Day would hopefully draw awareness to the plight of our health workers and underscore the governments responsibility to allot sufficient budget priority to health as well as to improve the living and working conditions of our health workers who have chosen a profession of service to others," he said. …