Mother's Day: A Tribute to the Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Article excerpt

Children need love and discipline. It is from parents that children come to understand values and learn to make themselves good men and women, and to become competent mothers and fathers later on their own lives. A mother's love and guidance enable her to influence the moral and spiritual education of her children.

The power and influence that mothers exert on the lives of their children are beyond calculation. Let a mother send into the world a child who, through her care, has been filled with love and concern and you will see an adult enlightened on the positive meaning of what life on earth is all about. Let a mother send into the world a child whose upbringing has been neglected, and you will see an adult whose ethics are inconsistent.

May 8 of each year has been dedicated to honor the mothers of the world with a Mother's Day celebration that pays tribute to the hand that rocks the cradle and shapes the world. The event was made possible through the efforts of Anna Jarvis, a community activist fromVirginia who began a letter writing campaign to honor her own mother by getting a special day set aside for all mothers. The women who organized the first Mother's Day also believed that motherhood was a political force that should be mobilized behalf of the entire community. …