An Angel Comes to Punk Rock Mommy!

Article excerpt

Byline: DIANA A. UY

Today Im so very happy. My life is complete. I may be clenching my fist and gritting my teeth. Oh, at last! Heres my gift a little angel who looks like me. chorus from Maru by Skarlet of Brownbeat AllStars

You see her on TV. She is famous in the music scene for her retro outfits (read: the wigs, Catholic school girl skirt, the tube socks, clogs, and other retro stuff).

Known for her upbeat, noholdsbarred performance on stage that gets everyone bopping, she is THE Myra Ruaro who belted Manila Girl that made Put3ska a household name in the early 90s.

No longer the vocalist of the famous reggae/jazz/ska band that is Put3ska, Myra, now known as Skarlet, is keeping busy with managing Brownbeat AllStars (which she founded back in 98) and auditioning for hotels as jazz singer. On the other side of the picture, Myra is mommy to 1 year and five months old Mish-ka Maru.

Yes, she is a mommy or "nanay" as Skarlet wants her child to call her.

And in Skarlets words, "Shes a gift.. Its even bigger than fulfillment. Its happiness in a small package na parang Wow, Im honored! Binigyan ako ng chance maging ganito. Its a gift long overdue."

At 35, Skarlet lived through the rock n roll "chaos" during the hype of the popularity of Put3ska.

Though, she doesnt consider herself a "rock star" and stayed away from living the lifestyle, Skarlet has gone through what spectators like us see only in the movies about rockstars booking for gigs, going on road shows, people screaming her name, meeting with junkies, looking like a junkie, being stalked she married at 23, separated at 28, broke up and then made up with the band, then forming another band.

Exposed to this whirlwind of a life, one wonders how does a kid fit into her life?

In Dec. 2, 2003, Mishka Maru David Romero, born 7.4 lbs, made Skarlet a "groggy" nanay and musician Marvin Romero a happy "tatay".

"I thought I would never get pregnant. For so long I never got pregnant," shared Skarlet.

"When I found out I was pregnant, of course, I was excited but not without mixed emotions at first. …