Nokia Swings into Village Golf Tourney

Article excerpt

NOKIA CONNECTED golf aficionados from the villages in the south at the opening of the Nokia Intervillage Golf Tournament held recently at The Riviera in Silang, Cavite.

Nokia County General Manager Parikshit Bhasin led the ceremonial tee off which opened the 2005 season that brought together nine teams from different villages who are vying for the top honors in the first of four sectoral tournaments that lead to the grand championship late this year.

Nokia featured the ultimate mobile office tools, the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500 Communicator. These devices lead by example by allowing mobile professionals and businessmen to work and play when they want and from wherever they are even if theyre on the golf course!

The villages with their respective team captains who participated in the first leg of the Nokia Intervillage Golf Tournament were Alabang 400 (Mert Besa), Tahanan (Raffy Ilagan), United BF Homes (Bart Puzon), Levitown/Don Bosco (Joel Altea), Marcelo Green (Luis Nunes), Pilar (Dave Pabalan), Philam Homes Las Pinas (Roque Fado), and BF Resort (Gaudencio Cantos).

The Nokia Intervillage Golf Tournament was put up in 1991 to encourage camaraderie and goodwill among village golfers. …