Prayer Breakfast Focuses on Faith, Politics

Article excerpt

Byline: Patrick Garmoe Daily Herald Staff Writer

Roughly 45 residents from Elgin and nearby communities met over eggs, cake and coffee Saturday in the basement of the First United Methodist Church of Elgin for the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast.

State Rep. Timothy Schmitz came to speak about the role of faith in politics.

"Some people espouse faith, but I don't see them living their faith," Mayor Ed Schock said before introducing the Batavia Republican. "He is one of those people who lives his faith."

Schmitz briefly told the crowd, which included many local political leaders, that he feels government must maintain a respect for the role of religion in life.

This country was built on faith, as remains obvious in a variety of aspects of American life, such as "In God We Trust" being printed on our currency, he said.

But the real problem is not if people can exercise their religion. The difficulty is in expressing it in government, Schmitz said.

There's only a certain amount of religious expression the public supports in its government officials, he said.

"There's an extremely delicate balance that we live," he said. …