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The Board welcomes the following new members:


Employer not specified

NF Connolly (Qld)

T Flatmo (NSW)

GP Minton (Vic)

TD Nguyen (NSW)

DN Taylor (Vic)

KA Wilson (NSW)

ANZ Banking Group Limited

S Baker (NSW)

CD Belcher (Vic)

ML Bolle (Vic)

M Hon (Vic)

TJ Kappadais (Vic)

A Klein (Vic)

VJ Lowe (Vic)

SJ Luby (Qld)

C Madden (Vic)

RJ Matthews (NSW)

DJ McAleese (Qld)

LB Tran (NSW)

MJ Wiggins (Qld)

AIH Wong (Vic)

ANZ Mortgage Solutions

CG Burrows (Vic)

Adelaide Bank Limited

MJ Case (SA)

Applied Capability Consulting

M Sprowls (NSW)

Australia Asia Centre in Education Exchange Pty Ltd

S Agoes (Vic)

Australian Health Management Group Ltd

R de Jongh (NSW)

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

D Sciberras (NSW)

Australian Taxation Office

AJ Harnisch (ACT)

Balmoral Finance Pty Ltd

J Gaudin (NSW)

Bank of Cyprus

B Schaumloffel (SA)

Bank of Western Australia

CM Johnston (WA)

R McCormack (NSW)

DJ Wylie (WA)


BE McGill (Vic)

Buxton Cummings

Campbell Pty Ltd

JL Roberts (NSW)

Central Bank of Solomon Islands

G Kosui (Overseas)


V Andayani (NSW)


MA Little (NSW)

Colonial First State

A Cosmetatos (NSW)

Colonial National Bank

S Buksh (Overseas)

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

S Allekian (Vic)

L Allen (Vic)

AL Bairstow (NSW)

S Berg-Williams (Vic)

TM Chilvers (Vic)

A Cudworth (NSW)

W David (Vic)

S Henricks (NSW)

JL Rawlins (Vic)

C Valenzuela (NSW)


BJ Hanslow (NSW)

Consultant to the Credit Unions

WF Cuttance (NSW)

Dah Sing Bank Limited (Hong Kong)

KSV Leung (Overseas)

Deakin University

JE Margret (Vic)


M Gillam (Qld)

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

I Austin (Qld)

P Rollason (NSW)

Diners Club International

NA Park (Vic)

EDS Australia

M McGrath (NSW)

Elite Strategies

BP Nicholls (Vic)

Ernst & Young

T Iliadis (Vic)


DC Rogers (Qld)

Esanda Finance Corporation Ltd

LP Shepherd (Vic)

R Szigeter (Vic)

Fidelity Investments Management HK Ltd

SK Lau (Overseas)

GE Commercial Finance

RE Bailey (Vic)

Gadens Lawyers

L Macdonald (NSW)

Glebe Administration Board

R Camilleri (NSW)

Griffith University

DE Corby (Qld)

HBOS Australia

SJ Madsen (WA)

HSBC Bank Australia Ltd

V Padden (Vic)

Hamilton James & Bruce

D Bojman (NSW)

Hatton National Bank Ltd

SGS De Silva (Vic)

Henry Walker Eltin

Contracting Pty Ltd

MS Lo (NT)

Holmesglen Institute Of Tafe

J Calabro (Vic)

Hyatt Regency

Sanctuary Cove

CM Mkandawire (Qld)

IBM Business Consulting Services

F Smith (NSW)


J Laird (Qld)

L McNamara (Qld)

Ian Henry Financial Services Pty Ltd

IJ Henry (Vic)


LI Potter (Vic)

GJ Young (Vic)


AM Reynolds (WA)

Kindee Pastoral Co

SJ Murray (Qld)

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

MD Orr (Overseas)

Mauritius Commercial Bank

MS Joseph (Overseas)

Mayne Investments Limited

G Clark (Qld)

Merrill Lynch

B Snee (Vic)

Minter Ellison Lawyers

G Perera (WA)

Moniworx Financial Services

G Ventrice (Vic)

Mortgage Choice Ltd

T Angelopoulos (NSW)

National Australia Bank Ltd

CK Allman (Vic)

A Fahour (Vic)

MS Musgrave (Vic)

S Pakula (Vic)

BLJ Peters (NSW)

LA Scales (Vic)

IJ Skelton (ACT)

MT Smith (NSW)

LJ Spokes (NSW)

C Vassallo (Vic)

SC Whiteling (Vic)

OX Capital Pty Ltd

D Carmody (NSW)

Omega Performance Corporation Pty Ltd

JW Cassidy (NSW)

Patersons Securities Ltd

NA Robertson (ACT)

Perpetual Trustees Australia Ltd

JR Hall (NSW)

Polaris Software Pty Ltd

SK Mukherji (NSW)

Queensland Finance Corporation Pty Ltd

M Vo (Qld)

Reed Real Estate & Business Agents

R Atkinson (WA)

Sampath Bank Ltd

A Hewapathirana (Vic)

Self Employed

PJ Gadzinski (Vic)

Singtel Optus Pty Ltd

DP McGovern (Qld)

C Parker (Qld)

Siroky Corporation

D Siroky (NSW)

Sourcing Mortgage

Solutions Pty Ltd

V Vassilacos (Vic)

St George Bank Ltd

E Moody-Nobbs (Vic)


DJM Blicblau (Vic)

CJ Fry (Qld)

NE Gash (Vic)

W Goninan-Shillabeer


DJ Henry (Qld)

A Lee (Qld)

P Lee (Qld)

R Lee (Vic)

MP Morris (NSW)

TJ Nice (Qld)

A Ramduny (Vic)

L Wang (Vic)

JJ Wang (NSW)

X Zhuang (NSW)

Suncorp-Metway Bank Ltd

MD Thornton (SA)

Talbot Olivier Lawyers

S Skinner (WA)


BA Vella (NSW)

The Bank of New York

DA Maskell-Davies (Vic)

UBS Investment Bank

BM Knight (NSW)

Vital Flame Pty Ltd

A Beswick (Vic)

Westpac Banking Corporation

JA Barker (NSW)

NC Bishop (NSW)

GS Drummond (NSW)

P Eltridge (NSW)

S Fredriksson (NSW)

KS Hansra (NSW)

M McKee (Qld)

W Qureshi (NSW)

H Sahamad (NSW)

JG Sturitis (SA)

A Wilkie (Vic)


Employer not specified

NVF leriko

BS Wright


PE Dean

RL George

CSF Mansbridge

ASB Bank Limited

SJ Armstrong

R Busby

MS Duhig

R Paterson

Ariake Japanese Restaurant

M Ong

Bank of New Zealand

JL Bainbridge

JA Cowan

B Dixon

N Richards

Baycorp Advantage Limited

K Boyd

Cannex NZ

SJ Anderson


D Farrelly

Duncan Cotterill


S Brent

Gerry Co Limited

GN Naidoo

HSBC--New Zealand

B Stonyer

Heretaunga Permanent Building Society

SM Speedy

Home Finance Co. …