Review: Psychology Masterclass Shows We Can Be Chimps; CHIMPS Liverpool Playhouse

Article excerpt


IT'S a nightmare for any homeowner - cold callers who get their foot in the door and just won't go away.

But we never think we will get caught out like those hapless souls we read about in the papers, or see on Watchdog, tearfully signing on the dotted line after five hours of haranging.

Chimps shows us how we just might.

There is a surface icing of domestic bliss about the dolls' house home of young couple Stevie and Mark - they're young and in love, with a hotch-potch first home to renovate and a baby on the way.

But icing is all it is. And that soon gets picked off when salesmen Gabriel and Larry call.

Stevie is a pragmatist turned nag, trying to keep the couple's life together in the face of Mark's feckless dreaming and inability to grow up.

Equally, the script gives actress Claire Lams little more to do than to sit on herbed looking annoyed and frustrated for much of the evening until she sweeps downstairs to play a game of Call My Bluff.

It takes a final showdown between the two strongest characters - good and evil - for her to win her place in the spotlight.

Goodness knows how she has put up with her boyfriend for so long. …