THE DVD FROM HELL; IRAQ TERRORISTS' SICK PROPAGANDA BID TO RECRUIT BRITISH MUSLIMS Dug-Up Bodies of Allied Dead Paraded in Front of the Cameras Chinook Downed on Film by a Shoulder-Launched Missile Terror Chiefs Hope to Raise Cash from Muslims in the UK

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THIS is the sickening footage of hate that Iraqi terrorists are using to raise funds in Britain.

The horrific DVD film shows a grisly catalogue of attacks on Allied forces by the so-called Islamic Army in Iraq.

One scene shows the rotting remains of what the terrorist claim are American soldiers - including a woman whose "skull" is paraded on a metal pole.

Another depicts a roadside ambush that left four American security personnel dead.

Other scenes show the destruction of US armoured vehicles, a Chinook helicopter being shot down and missile attacks on American bases.

Last night a leading security expert said the pictures came almost certainly from genuine footage.

Charles Heyman, senior analyst for Jane's Defence Weekly, said: "The insurgents know the power of pictures.

"This is all about letting their supporters and sympathisers know they can hit the Allies. In effect, it is a marketing tool and the aim is to make supporters in Britain put their hand in their pocket. The insurgents know they are unlikely to get active fighters - but they will get financial support."

British forces have also been the subject of terrorist propaganda filming.

On January 30, the shooting down of an RAF Hercules aircraft carrying special forces troops was filmed - and broadcast around the globe.

Ten sevicemen died in the incident near the town of al-Taji, 25 miles north-west of Baghdad. The film showed the attack taking place with the launching of surface-to-air missiles. Other clips showed the smouldering wreckage.

The new DVD is being smuggled into Britain to encourage extremists to donate more cash. It is aimed at al-Qaeda sympathisers and hardline Islamic students who attend radical mosques.

The footage includes scenes from recent months - but some footage is two years old.

Other scenes show day-to-day attacks on US troops and their allies.

In one, a night-time assault by dozens of terrorists is shown. Tracer and rocket propelled grenades can be seen hitting the vehicles. The next morning, the convoy is a smouldering wreck. An Arab voice on the film mocks: "This is a present to Bush the dog."

The terrorists claim 10 US armoured vehicles were destroyed. Another scene shows missiles heading towards a US base near Baghdad airport. Minutes later American artillery lays down a deadly barrage, but the terrorists are a step ahead and have already escaped.

A remote camera catches the shells landing. A message on screen states: 'We were able to film this attack and the predictable retaliation by planting a camera in position in anticipation. And in doing so, none of our men was hurt."

Further scenes show the firing of mortars and an insurgent munitions factory. Terrorists are filmed priming improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for attacks.

A later sequence shows the IEDs being used against US Humvee vehicles.

The insurgents allow a convoy to go past - then blows the last vehicle up. The film ends with a montage of pictures of destroyed US and Iraqi army vehicles. One terrorist stands with his boot on the helmet of a murdered army driver. An insurgent says: "This is a message to Iyad Allawi (Iraqi PM until January), whose fighters end up beneath our shoes."

Just as chilling is the scene of a hooded toddler trying to lift an AK-47 machine-gun. The child is no older than three and is used to symbolise the next generation of fighters.

The narrator urges: "Stand up son and do not worry about the dangers.

"Stand up and carry your weapon, for no nation that accepts oppression will survive."

Last night Military expert Col Bob Stewart said: "I am sickened and disgusted that this war pornography is on our streets. People who buy this footage should be expelled from Britain.

"The images in this ghastly skin-flick reflect the fact that terrorists do not respect human life. …