Knights in Broad Daylight Medieval Society, MCC Explore Middle Ages for Education

Article excerpt

Byline: Emily Krone Daily Herald Staff Writer

Helmets, tunics, swords, men in tights - nearly everything medieval but the plague - filled McHenry County College courtyard last week.

The Society for Creative Anachronism, an international group that re-enacts and recreates medieval times, was presenting its version of medieval history to a postmodern audience of Western Civilization students.

Instructor Alan Shear, who traces his ancestry to Attila the Hun, had enlisted the group to give his class a small taste of what it was like to live once upon a time.

"The idealization of the Middle Ages is part of our culture," Shear said.

The five presenters - who occasionally lapsed into speaking Norman French - jousted bit, showed off their body armor and shared random bits of medieval trivia.

Why did knights wear red linen beneath their chain mail?

To absorb blunt trauma and camouflage their blood, society members said.

How did knights move with all that cumbersome armor?

They only wore the heavy stuff for tournaments. The average suit of arms weighed 55 pounds, about the same as a standard army pack.

After a lengthy explanation of tournament shields, one student asked "squire" John Seaton people ever shared a coat of arms.

"I would whack someone who tried to wear my device! …