Living Our Values

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We operate in over 135 countries and employ some 91,000 people. Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people are at the heart of the way we manage our business. They are embodied in our Business Principles that describe the behaviour expected of every Shell employee in all business activities. The Principles, which include our commitments to human rights and sustainable development, set the same global standards wherever we operate.

Policies, standards and guidelines

Our policies, standards and guidelines provide a framework for a common approach to addressing risks and opportunities across Shell. Each element of the framework adds value, but real strength comes through integration.

We set tough targets to drive improvement knowing that we still have much to achieve. The framework is underpinned by management systems and rigorous assurance procedures that provide the necessary confirmation that the Principles are being taken seriously and that the policies are working.

We have a Group Diversity and Inclusiveness Standard to ensure that all Shell companies take a systematic approach to managing diversity.

All Shell-operated companies worldwide must adhere to the Group health, safety and environment (HSE) Policy and Procedure. All of our operations are required to have certifiable HSE management systems in place and over 95% of major installations have had the environmental element of these systems externally certified to international standards such as ISO14001 and EMAS.

A new social performance management unit has been set up to improve the social performance of our operating units worldwide. External auditors KPMG, have reviewed the management systems of the Shell Nigeria Community Development programme and an independent stakeholder panel reported on its outcomes (page 19).

Our standards are not set in isolation. Engagement and partnerships in a wide range of external activities are crucial to understanding and responding to changes in society's expectations and keeping abreast of developments in other companies.

Embedding sustainable development

Our Sustainable Development Management Framework and related tools bring consistency to aligning systems and processes and increasing levels of staff awareness and competence.

All major business proposals must include social and environmental factors and the cost of carbon in the economics. …