THRIVE THROUGH CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: CSR Is Simply Common Sense; Corporate Social Responsibility - Is It a Plus for Business or a Liability David Butler Regional Sales Director for Close Invoice Finance in Birmingham, Reports

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Byline: David Butler

The growing interest in Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR does not allay the suspicions of many employees who struggle to find its relevance to core business activities.

But research indicates that time and time again that those companies with a positive, well regarded public profile are working with environmental and community awareness.

These companies are also the ones that do best, in terms of both staff retention and sales. In other words, those businesses that regard CSR activities as part of their overall marketing plan are those that reap the benefits.

In order to succeed in maximising the positive aspects of CSR, any company has to ensure that the programme is genuine.

It is crucial to recognise that CSR cannot simply be regarded as a cosmetic bolt-on. It needs to be included in the company's corporate culture so that the public sees quite transparently that shareholder value is not the sole determinant of business activity. CSR can be implemented at a number of levels.

Responsibility can be regarded as basic factors such as the need to provide employees with safe working conditions. …