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Welcome to volume 12, issue 1 of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. In an attempt to provide a forum for the publication of contemporary research in the areas of hospitality management, tourism management, travel management, leisure management and event management, this issue comprises a selection of articles that have been submitted to the journal over the last 18 months. All published articles have been subjected to a double blind refereeing process using the good services of the editorial advisory board.

The first article, by Allan, Bamber and Timo is entitled 'McJobs, student attitudes and employment relations in the fast food industry'. This article reports on the results of a survey of university students working in the fast-food industry. This study found that while students possess a negative view of some aspects of this work, many find working in this sector of the industry interesting and rewarding.

In the second article, entitled 'Service recovery deployment and outcomes: Applying a service recovery model to the lodging industry', Upchurch examines the link between consumer satisfaction, consumer loyalty and improved profitability. In a similar vein, Mohsin and Ryan's article, entitled 'Service quality assessment of four start hotels in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia', discusses the significance of service quality and customer satisfaction. This study collected data from almost 150 participants regarding their expectations of staying in a 4-star hotel. Interestingly, this study identifies customers who are more likely to express dissatisfaction. …