Film: Your Top Five.Animated Films

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Summer's here so expect family films galore. This week, Madagascar, the animated blockbuster in which streetwise New York zoo animals are released back into the wild, hits our screens. To mark its release, Ticket reader WENDY KENNY gives us her top five animated movies.

1. ICE AGE (2002) Who can ever forget the squirrel and the unrelenting nut. Or the delusional ravings of the near extinct dodos! The characters and their homeward-bound mercy mission across the prehistoric icy wasteland made for an unforgettably fantastic journey. This was one that we rushed to get as soon as it was out on DVD.

2. SHREK (2001) This film turned fairy stories on their heads, especially the torture of that most annoying of characters, the gingerbread man. Lots of deep meaning in this one, but it's so comic and clever it appeals to all ages. The witty cynicism of the donkey remains unsurpassed.

3. ANTZ (1998) A tiny worker ant with a penchant for despondent thoughts carries his unrequited love for Princess Bala like a ball and chain. …