07/07: War on Britain: OUR LOST LOVED ONES; Family and Friends Trawl Hospitals and Morgues for Missing

Article excerpt


ANGUISHED families and friends of people still missing after the terror blasts spent yesterday searching for their loved ones with desperate phone calls and visits to hospitals as they hoped for the best but feared the worst.

Some even trawled streets near where the killer bombs went off clutching photographs of lost relatives in the hope somebody, somewhere could shed light on their whereabouts.

The brother of missing PA Laura Webb last night told how he and his 29-year-old sister's boyfriend Chris Driver have been involved in a frantic search for her.

Teacher David Webb, 38, said Laura has not been heard of since she left her North London home to got to work in Paddington. It is feared she was on the Circle Line train that was hit at Edgware Rd.

Holding up a picture of her, distraught teacher David added: "We've been using the help lines but have heard nothing back.

"I have been going round the hospitals with my wife and Chris.

"She is not the sort of person to stay out of touch with her loved ones. It wouldn't be like her not to phone. A colleague of hers emailed me to say she had not turned up for work so I phoned her mobile but it went straight to voicemail and has done so ever since."

Chris, 28, said: I'm just desperate to find her. We hope she is being looked after somewhere."

Friends of devoted Christian James Adams told how he vanished after calling his mum in Peterborough to tell her he had arrived at King's Cross station and was on his way to work.

The 32-year-old mortgage endowment consultant also sent a text to close mate Amanda Garratty with plans for the weekend.

Amanda, 41, said: "I just hope he is in a hospital somewhere but we have heard nothing."

Colleagues at Deloitte & Touche where James works fear he was on the Piccadilly Line Tube that was blown up.

Family and friends of Rachelle Yuen believe she too was on the same train. Her picture and name were listed on a missing poster left at Kings Cross Station.

The heartbroken gran of hairdresser Philip Beer told how he went missing after his sister Stacey escaped King's Cross with injuries.

Margaret Power said Stacey called home to say she could not find her 20-year-old brother, of Borehamwood, Herts, who works in Knightsbridge. She added: "I need someone to help me, the police can't tell me anything. I do not know what to do."

The family and friends of Michelle Otto, have been glued to their TV sets fearing the worst as news of more victims floods in.

The 46-year-old dental technician left the family in Mill Hill, North London just after 8am on Thursday. Michelle got a lift to the station from sister Dinia Gorodi and hopped on the tube.

Dinia said: "I heard about the bombs and like everyone else I was horrified. Then her office called and said she had not turned up. I spent all day calling for information. Nobody could tell me anything. I have been round all the hospitals. Nothing."

The brother-in-law of Phillip Russell, 29, told how he was evacuated from the tube before boarding a bus at Euston - then going missing. John Steadman, 39, said: "The most frustrating thing for us is that we can't find anything out. …