O.C. FOURSOME; Meet the Beautiful People Behind TV's Hottest New Show That Has Gripped Ireland's Viewers

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THEY are the bright and beautiful young people the whole world has fallen in love with.

The cast members of the hit show The O.C. appear to have it all - good looks and perfect lives all set against the backdrop of beautiful Orange County in California.

The hugely popular programme seems to have taken over the lives of young people across the world and Irish fans seem equally taken by the show's complex storylines.

The O.C. brings sun, sea and sex into our lives every week and today in the Irish Daily Mirror we take a look at the real love lives of the show's stars.



MISCHA Barton plays Marissa Cooper and, as one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood, it's little surprise that the 19-year-old beauty is often linked with some of the top looking leading men.

But despite the rumours Mischa, whose mother is from Sligo, denies she has ever dated Benjamin McKenzie, her on-screen boyfriend.

The pair have been seen having dinner together but she revealed: "I never dated him. Just about every guy I ever hang out with, I'm 'dating'."

One man she does admit to seeing is her current squeeze Brandon Davis, grandson of the late billionaire movie mogul Marvin Davis. She added: "I prefer not to talk about him. I'm so young there is always a fear that things will shift." But if there are any brave boys out there, she admits she likes a guy with guts, she said: "I'm not romantic in a flowers or chocolates kind of way, but I do like passion and confidence."


ADAM Brody plays nerdy-but-cute Seth Cohen and spent much of the show's first season obsessed with Summer Roberts.

But it wasn't much of an act as 25-year-old Adam is dating Rachel Bilson, the girl who plays Summer, in real life.

A source at Fox Studios revealed the couple's on-screen romance wasn't long blossoming off-screen too. …