3am: KYLIE'S COMPASSION; Visit Thrills Ill Children

Article excerpt


T HEIR sad little faces lit up in delight when a surprise visitor popped in to cheer them up - Kylie Minogue.

The 37-year-old Aussie pop star made a special visit to the cancer ward at the Royal Children's Hospital in her home city of Melbourne on Thursday.

She spent an hour chatting to the thrilled young patients and handing out CDs and gifts.

It was brave Kylie's first public appearance since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and had the tumour removed a few days later.

The Royal Children's Hospital's communications director, Kate Dunston tells us: "Kylie spent a lot of time with the children individually and really connected to the kids.

"She had her dad with her and a couple of assistants. They all seemed to be very concerned for her."

Dave Rodgers, from children's charity Challenge who organised the visit, added: "This did Kylie as much good as it did the kids.

"I think she needed to see that other people are out there battling cancer. She seemed to take strength from the fact that these kids are fighting the disease like she is. …