Summer of Bruv: MAXWELL CHOPPED; Tears as Science Wins Vote

Article excerpt

Byline: By NICOLA METHVEN, TV Editor

NEWLY-scalped Maxwell was given the Big Brother chop last night in a shock eviction.

The cocksure Cockney - who shaved his hair to win the housemates booze - tried not to cry as host Davina told him to pack his bags.

Best friend Anthony hugged him and asked: "Are you all right, son?." Science, the bookies' favourite to go, looked stunned to be staying. But Maxwell, 24, cheered up when Makosi pointed out Saskia would be waiting for him. "I f***ing hope so," he replied.

Maxwell hugged only Anthony and Craig as he left and was met with boos outside.

He and Saskia later kissed in the studio. However, Maxwell claimed the lovebirds did not have sex when they frolicked in the house.

He said their moans were the sound of them kissing and said: "I've never made a bird make noise in bed in my life."

But Davina retorted: "Pull the other one."

The Arsenal fan also denied taking a shine to the other girls, especially Orlaith.

He sneered: "I didn't fancy her one bit. Have you seen the size of her feet?"

And he voiced surprise at losing to Science, saying: "All he does is cook chicken, clean chicken and shout at people."

Earlier, Maxwell, Craig, Anthony and Eugene cropped their hair to win cider. …