The Summer of Bruv: ALCO CROPS; Lads Shave off Hair for Drink

Article excerpt

Byline: By NICOLA METHVEN, TV Editor

THE Big Brother boys became skinheads after shaving their hair off in exchange for booze.

Maxwell, Craig, Eugene and Anthony agreed to cut enough off to fill a jug so they could win bottles of cider.

Hairdresser Craig went first but when the clippers whirred near his mullet he started whimpering.

Kemal - who refused to take part - said: "It'll grow back, it's only hair." Science added helpfully: "Alopecia might set in."

Then he teased while Craig's head was being shaved by Anthony: "That's a botched job. If you had to pay for that I'd go and ask for my money back."

Afterwards Craig wasn't happy. He said: "Awful Maxwell. Ugly, f***ing ugly. I look monstrous. I look insane."

But he was pleased when Anthony complimented his new look. He told Craig: "You've got a nice head shape. Perfect head shape for it." Then Anthony added: "Fair play to you. B***s of steel mate, b***s of steel."

Then it was enthusiastic Maxwell's turn. "I'd cut my right arm off for a can of beer at the moment. I'd get a nut chopped off for a beer. …