TV Land: Faking a Break

Article excerpt

Byline: Nicola Methven and Polly Hudson

MULTI-AWARD winning show Faking It has been axed after five series, we're sorry to tell you.

After six years and more than 25 transformations, bosses have called time on the programme, which will bow out with a Christmas special.

As viewers well know, the programme plucks the "fakers" from their normal jobs and gives them a month-long stint of intensive training before making them prove themselves at their new profession in front of the experts.

They win if the panel can't tell the difference between them and people who have been doing the jobs for years.

When the show launched in 2000, the critics loved it. One said: "There was something utterly joyful and exhilarating about watching someone so magnificently getting it, doing things they never thought they could do."

Our favourites have included the shy, gay student who became a convincing nightclub bouncer, the naval officer who was transformed into a drag queen, the ballet star turned wrestler and a burger man who fooled the judges as a chef. …