T in the Park: Foo Star Gave Us Stage-Fright during Pee at T

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SCOTS rockers Biffy Clyro have revealed how one of the band suffered from an embarrassing bout of stage-fright when he met his heroes at T in the Park.

Drummer Ben Johnston couldn't believe it when he nipped to the loo during the 2001 festival - and found himself standing right next to Foo Fighters' singer Dave Grohl.

Biffy fronman Simon Neil said: "He was totally shocked. There he was trying to pee, and Dave Grohl's standing right next to him. He just couldn't go. He had to make his excuses and leave, and go back later when Dave was away!"

The band will be hoping that their nerve holds up if they bump into the Foo Fighters' frontman at this year's festival.

The Ayrshire three-piece take to the main stage alongside the likes of Travis and rapper Snoop Dogg on the Sunday, a day after former Nirvana drummer Grohl's band wows the crowd.

Neil said: "We're really looking forward to it. We've come a long way since then. This will be our sixth T, but this is the first time we've played on the main stage. Hopefully if Ben meets Dave Grohl again, he won't be so nervous.

"There's a great line-up this year, so as well as the Foo Fighters, we're really looking forward to meeting Green Day. We met them years ago when they were small, but now they're this big phenomenon. I'm also looking forward to catching the likes of Interpol and Bloc Party. …