GAA: Mor the Merrier in Mayo; CONNACHT FOOTBALL FINAL: Galway V Mayo

Article excerpt

ABSENCE makes the heart grow fonder is an expression that could have been coined for Trevor Mortimer.

The Mayo star was based in Leeds for the majority of this year studying for a degree in quarry management, the family business back home.

Based miles away from the nearest football pitch at his student residence, he had to resort to a unique brand of inter-county training throughout the winter and spring.

But the talented forward is back doing what he does best and is determined to put his new found enthusiasm to good use against Galway.

"What I had to work with was a park with a stairway in it and I'd basically run up and down the stairs to keep fit," reflected Mortimer.

"I had no access to a pitch in Leeds. The nearest one was a bus journey away and, with study and all the rest of it, I just didn't have the time."

Thankfully, Mayo boss John Maughan lent an approachable ear and Mortimer was only brought home when it was absolutely necessary during the league campaign. …