GAA: Model Mood Boosted by Morr Belief; WEXFORD V MONAGHAN

Article excerpt


ST Patrick's Park in Enniscorthy was a lonely place to be in the days after Wexford's Leinster semi-final defeat to Dublin last month. Just ask Colm Morris.

Sure, the place was buzzing with players and the familiar hum of inter-county training but things were far from right and Morris knew it.

Each player was there in body, but in mind they were locked away in their own thoughts, struggling to come to terms with the fact that the dream was over, for another year at least.

Wexford had put so much into winning a Leinster title this year only to have it snatched away from them in the most public of coups.

In front of nearly 83,000 opponents, Dublin tore the heart out of Wexford.

At the first training session after that, Morris and his Wexford team-mates couldn't quite get their heads around what had happened, each man searching for answers.

"That was a quiet week in terms of the physical training but we talked an awful lot between ourselves," revealed defender Morris.

"We just talked about what had happened and how we all felt and where we were going to go from here. We couldn't just leave it like that.

"At the start of the year we said our target was to get to an All-Ireland quarter-final with a Leinster title under our belt.

"We fully believed it would happen too, until the whole thing caved in against Dublin."

Wexford fans can rest assured though because the county footballers have hatched a new masterplan - and it's even more elaborate.

After finally getting their heads together, Morris and his team-mates agreed to give the qualifiers a real go.

The new target is a place in the All-Ireland semi-finals. If Fermanagh did it last year, then why not Wexford? …