GAA: Hands Up for Real Feast of Football at a Packed HQ

Article excerpt


WHAT an occasion, 80,000 people packed into Croke Park just waiting for two juggernauts to clash - no matter what sort of game it is, the suspense and intrigue is mouthwatering.

I honestly cannot wait to see this one, something like this rouses the spirits and gets the heart beating, something we can't say about the championship to date.

The football has been pretty mediocre overall. It's great to see such an occasion in Croke Park.

This folks will be helter skelter - if you haven't got a ticket, get one.

A strong referee is vital and he must stamp his authority early on and the players must get on with tough hard football and level the cynicism at home.

Armagh were firm favourites after winning the league to win Ulster.

I'm not so sure now, for starters some of their players form has dropped. McConville, McDonnell, McGrane and McEntee are finding it tough to reach the top level they have reached in the league.

Their half forward line and midfield have struggled to win the sort of primary possession champions win in these two vital areas.

Armagh have been poor in three of their four championship games to date. Players like, Mallon, Kernan, McGeeney and Bellew have carried them through muddy waters.

Tyrone, I can say now for the first time in quite a while, have a great chance of winning an Ulster title.

Armagh's league seems to have drained quite a bit from a number of their players and legs are a little jadded - there is no question about this. …