Sex Scene with Jane Seymour Was like Waving a Steak in Front of a Hungry Lion; Wedding Crashers Hunk Tells How He's Bad News When It Comes to the Love Stakes

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Byline: By Siobhan Synnot

IF you're thinking of getting married, Owen Wilson has one piece of advice: if you want to have a long and happy life together, don't invite him.

'I was the best man at my older brother's wedding and he got divorced,' says the handsome comedy star.

'Basically, if you want to jinx your wedding, ask me to be your best man.'

Owen has yet to walk down the aisle himself, but that didn't stop him signing up for the marriage comedy, Wedding Crashers.

In this new flick, which opens next Friday, Owen and Vince Vaughn star as two caddish lawyers who show up to weddings uninvited and pick up love-struck women.

But their plans go awry when they meet the two daughters of a powerful politician, played by Christopher Walken, and his randy wife, Jane Seymour.

The film has already caused a stir because Owen and Jane have a steamy comedy scene where 54-year-old Jane goes all out to try and seduce him by going topless.

Owen, 36, blushes when asked to recall the scene where Jane forces him to get close to her prominent charms.

'It's what the script called for,' he protests gallantly, 'but Vince was worried about me that day. He said it was like waving a steak in front of a lion, and that I might just flip out.

'So the director used tranquillisers throughout that scene and kept me heavily sedated. I was like Jack Nicholson at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.'

Today, Owen Wilson looks like a hunk of dude glamour with his sleepy blue eyes and shaggy blond haircut.

His heart-throb reputation isn't even dented by his traffic stopper of a nose, broken three times so that it twists down his handsome face. He broke it first at school and then playing football at the University of Texas. But he's never considered having it fixed.

He said: 'I get bombarded with those questions. I must look like a freak, but if I were to change it I would get so much grief from my brothers.'

It certainly doesn't seem to deter women. Owen has dated singer Sheryl Crow, actress Demi Moore and Showgirls actress Gina Gershon. But lately, most of his successful double acts have been with guys.

He's happy being friends with actors such as Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

He met his latest sidekick, Vince Vaughn, through their group of mutual actor friends, which includes Ben Stiller, Will Farrell and Jack Black, who have made several movies together.

But Owen has found a new interest - partnering up British women.

'They are probably some of the prettiest girls I have ever met,' he sighs.

Unless you're a pretty girl perhaps, a journalist has to work hard to grab Owen's attention. Interviews can be a big bore for the laidback Texan.

'Last week I was really tired and I had to do some interviews. I ended up watching Wimbledon on the TV behind their heads,' he admits cheekily.

Despite his easy going style, Owen is one of the hardest working comedy actors around at the moment..

Yet as a kid he was restless and inclined to slide from the straight and narrow and he was expelled from school for cheating in geometry.

In despair, his parents sent him off to a military academy in Roswell, New Mexico. …