London's Likely Death Toll Stands at 49

Article excerpt


POLICE yesterday gave a likely final death toll of around 49 for Thursday's terror attacks in London.

All visible bodies have been removed from the four blast sites although rescue workers were continuing to search under a Tube train between King's Cross and Russell Square to see if any had been missed.

It had been feared the number of victims may eventually exceed 70 but detectives said that was highly unlikely.

The bodies are being taken to a temporary mortuary at an undisclosed military site but none has yet been formally identified.

Police liaison officers have been sent to 59 families who fear their loved ones are either dead or critically injured; 31 families have visited a 24-hour assistance centre for relatives of the missing in central London.

A total of 62 victims of the bomb attacks were still being treated in London hospitals.

Home secretary Charles Clarke warned that the terrorists could be planning further attacks. He is expected to propose further antiterrorism measures including that records of all private telephone calls, text messages and emails be retained by telecommunications firms and passed on to the police and security services. …