Celebrity Rustling, Talking Dogs and What's in Jeffrey Dahmer's Fridge

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NTERVIEWING comedian Boothby Graffoe is a surreal experience. The funnyman, real name James Rogers, is compering as four up-and-coming comics battle it out for this year's Llangollen Fringe Comedy Award.

He is renowned for the bizarre tangents he leads the audience down in his stage act, which has won him a legion of fans and his own show on BBC Radio 4, Boothby Graffoe In No Particular Order. So it's no surprise when he says the things he's looking forward to seeing most at Llangollen is the 'rustling'.

The wrestling, does he mean? For the first time this year, the festival - run by the organisers of Edinburgh's world famous fringe festival - has an inter-nation wrestling competition as part of a two-week schedule of diverse entertainment that includes world and folk music, art workshops, dance, stand-up comedy and more.

'No, that was a misprint in the programme. It's actually meant to say rustling,' he says, deadpan. ' It's a new form of reality show called pro celebrity rustling. You get people like Anneka Rice and watch them rustling sheep and goats.

He can't wait to bring his family to Wales as they're planning to explore some of the stunning countryside following his Llangollen appearance.

I ask him if by 'family' he means his wife and children. Ask a silly question. …