Drumsticks and Stones; Peter Grant Speaks to Drummer Kenney Jones

Article excerpt

Byline: Peter Grant

HE'S been with three of the biggest bands in the world - The Small Faces, The Faces and The Who. Now his own band are becoming famous.

Kenney Jones, drummer with The Who, will play his first gig on British soil since the release of his new band's album in Liverpool and he is raring to go.

Called Any Day Now it is not released in Britain yet but there will be copies available down at The Cavern next Thursday and Friday where the supergroup will be playing.

The Jones Gang will also be joined by a 'special guest' - someone who is an 'adopted' member and who also designed their album cover - Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

Mike Cobley, of the Jones Gang touring entourage, said that Ron will play on one of the two Liverpool nights - 'but at this stage we don't know which one'.

The Jones Gang is made up of three musicians who have performed on some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed rock recordings of all time Kenney, Robert Hart (Bad Company) and Rick Wills (Bad Company and Foreigner) - have sold a combined 50 million records.

With a little help from original members of The Faces - Ronnie Wood and Ian Mc Lagan - this trio of well-respected British rockers have created a stunning debut album and are ready to show it off.

They are paying three prestigious UK dates and Liverpool is lucky enough to get TWO of them - the other is in Kent.

Kenney told the ECHO in an exclusive chat: 'Any Day Now has 11 songs co-written by Robert Hart and produced by Gary Stevenson.

'It rocks hard with sweeping harmonies, somewell-crafted melodies and some rootsy guitar riffs. The vocals are something else - Robert's work is brilliant.'

For the recording, Jones (drums), Wills (bass) and Hart (vocals) enlisted a who's who of British rock lore, including the Rolling Stones axeman Ronniewho performed on the song Gypsy Lane; Gary Grainger (who has played with Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr), Ian Mc Lagan (Small Faces/Faces) and Dave ' Bucket' Colwell (Bad Company). …