Toni Gonzaga, Open to All Career Opportunities Including Going Bold!

Article excerpt


With three regular shows - "A.S.A.P.," "My Juan and Only" and "ETK," 21year-old TV host, comedienne and actress Toni Gonzaga is one of ABS-CBNs more fortunate and busiest artists. More than her knack and versatility in comedy, singing and hosting, one can attribute her successes to one of her lifes principles. And thats following the adage "Better leave it unsaid and proven."

"Ayaw kong magsalita ng tapos regarding my career. Im very open and I dont want to close any door of opportunity. But if possible, I really want to stick to what I have right now, without shedding clothes. Ive heard of a lot of actors who ate their words afterwards," explained Toni during a recent interview at the 13th floor of ABS-CBN building.

She added that her openness to all opportunities includes the possibility of doing mature or bold roles. Even breast enhancement, a topic usually asked her during her interviews may also be a possibility in the future.

"Siguro pag sawa na ako sa ganitong itsura niya," she smiled.

At present though, what she doesnt see herself doing are having a boyfriend and getting into a kissing scene! The latter she said has been stipulated in her contract with the network. So in her movie under Star Cinema entitled "D Anothers" with "Wazzup, Wazzup" co-host Vhong Navarro, theyre the only pair in the film without a kissing scene.

"I really dont see myself kissing in the movie. Since Vhong has kissed her leading ladies in the past, sabi ko para maiba hindi kami magki-kiss," she laughed.

With regards to being boyfriendless, Tonis explanation is simple: She has not yet meet the right man for her. The right man, at the right time and place hasnt happened yet in her life.

Her work and careeer are her inspiration at the moment. She gets so much happiness and fulfillment from her career that she doesnt need a boyfriend yet. And she is not looking for one at the moment.

But how about Lucky then (Manzano)?

"I really dont know. Lets just see...we have a lot of similarities. Pero hindi ako nagpapa-cute sa kanya. Rather Im very conscious because Im not used to being pampered and hes very sweet. Nahihiya lang ako sa attention na binibigay niya sa akin," Toni said.

With regards to Vhong, she also cleared that he is not courting her so they are not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Vhong would usually give her gifts and maybe this was the reason he was misinterpret as courting her.

"Im very guarded with my feelings, with myself and I try to watch everything I say and do. I also watch other people kasi maingat ako and Im a very private person. But in this movie nawala na yung wall and border namin ni Vhong. I can open up anything to him and siya rin with me," she shared. …