2005 FEIAA Executive Forum a Success! Current and Retired Federal Managers and Executives Look to the Future, Focusing on Making Information Technology Interactive, Leadership Challenges and Competencies, Renewed Commitment to Health and Fitness, and the Pecuniary Side of Retirement Planning

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The Federal Executive Institute (FEI) Alumni Association (FEIAA) organizes an annual Executive Forum to give FEI graduates the opportunity to renew their "FEI experience." The 2005 Executive Forum, "Looking to the Future in Work and Personal Life," was held March 8-9 at the Arlington Hilton and Towers near the Ballston Metro. It was rated a strong success, a 6.3 on a scale of 7! Mark your calendars now for the 2006 Executive Forum to be held once again at the Arlington Hilton on March 7-8, 2006.

FEIAA is the exclusive network of graduates of FEI residential programs run by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) out of Charlottesville, Virginia. Its basic goals are to support and strengthen FEI, provide executive development opportunities for its members, promote excellence in the public service, and represent the views and interest of its members. FEIAA membership benefits include three publications: the monthly newsletter, Executive Summary; the annual FEIAA Membership and Services Directory; and The Public Manager journal written by public managers for public managers. FEIAA provides its members executive development activities through public policy seminars and unlimited networking opportunities among its members. Also, the views of current and retired federal managers and executives are given collective power through FEIAA to Congress, the administration, OPM, other federal agencies, and the media.

The FEIAA also sponsors the Management Development Centers Alumni Association (MDCAA). MDCAA membership is open to all graduates of either the Management Development Center (MDC) in Denver, Colorado, or Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Like FEI, the MDC's are operated by OPM. MDC graduates also benefit from the opportunity to network with fellow managers. Several MDCAA members also participated in the 2005 Executive Forum.


The 2005 Executive Forum offered an outstanding array of speakers, including Linton Wells II, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, Networks and Information Integration, and Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Information Officer; James A. Trinka, Assistant Director, Training and Development Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation; Brenda DePuy, DePuy HR Associates; and Christopher Brown, President, CommonWealth Advisory Group. Several guest speakers participated in FEIAA's partnership with FEI. FEI adjunct speakers included Warren Blank, Terry Newell, Roger Firestein, Pete Ronayne, and Barry Ross and Joy Hilton. FEI Deputy Director Joe Enders brought the FEIAA/MDCAA Store to the Forum. FEI Director Tom Towberman gave an update on recent developments at FEI and the MDCs.

FEI Director Tom Towberman

FEI Director Tom Towberman opened the forum with a report on ongoing business at FEI. The foundation course, the four-week Leadership for a Democratic Society, is offered ten times a year and has graduated 20,000 students over the past ten years. In addition, FEI offers 140 other executive development programs, one-third in Charlottesville, one-third in Washington, DC, and one-third around the country. The FEI teaching program focuses on six areas of excellence: (1) value-based Leadership for a Democratic Society, (2) building capacity of individuals and organizations in public service to think strategically and systematically, (3) preparing executives to lead in a public-service environment, (4) creating and staging unique public-service leadership learning experiences, (5) creating dynamic personnel and organizational retreats, and (6) building a career-long relationship with government executives. New initiatives at FEI include (1) offering Leadership for a Democratic Society off-site, (2) offering six seminars in Washington, DC, (3) hiring additional faculty, (4) making internal operational improvements, and (5) making physical plant improvements.

Keynote Speaker Linton Wells II

Keynote speaker Linton Wells II spoke about the importance of making information technology interactive for leaders and managers. …