Renewing Our Humanism, Rediscovering Our Christian Roots, Promoting Inter-Religious Understanding for Peace and Progress

Article excerpt

WITH a new wave of terrorist attacks in Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Great Britain, Pope Benedict XVI has called on the faithful to relive the authentic values that have made many nations in the world, from Europe to Asia, glorious and progressive. Speaking before an audience in Les Combes, France, the Pontiff expressed his apprehension that nations, especially those in Europe, may crumble as they lose their Christian roots, shutting themselves behind old borders and becoming easy prey to terrorist attacks. His Holiness thus appealed to all to rediscover our Christian roots and to make the benevolent influence of our faith felt in other continents.

Making frequent reference to the Europeistic Act of John Paul II in Compostela, Spain, during the 1982 World Youth Day when the last pontiff said, "I, Bishop of Rome and Pastor of the Universal Church, direct a cry full of love to you, oh old Europe, from Santiago: Return to and be yourself! Discover your origins. Revive your roots. Relive those authentic values which made your history glorious and your presence in other continents beneficial." Pope Benedict XVI promised to re-echo the plea as he addresses the youth in the 20th World Youth Day to be held in Cologne, Germany, in the middle of August 2005. …