EU IT Quality Standards Brought Here

Article excerpt

The secret to breaking into Europes lucrative but hard-to-penetrate information technology (IT) market is simple: Play by their rules.

Filipino IT companies discovered this, and learned better ways to access the European Unions (EU) rich IT market, at the Philippines first seminar on European quality standards.

The "European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM) Training Program" was attended by over 20 managers from IT companies such as MISNet Inc., Radix Systems Services Corporation, Systema Computer Solutions Corporation, WebWorks OS, Inc., and Zimplizity Solutions Corporation.

The program, organized by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), sought to improve the understanding of Filipino IT companies on European quality standards and assess their readiness to adopt the EFQM model.

EFQM was created in 1988 to promote world-class approaches to the management of European organizations that would lead to sustainable excellence.

Jokin Garatea and Ms. Oihana Arrieta, EFQM experts from the Association of IT Technologies of the Basque Country in Spain (GAIA), conducted the EFQM course. They guided participants in interpreting the EFQM Excellence Model and how to put the concept into practice.

Gerry Constantino, ComQuaL project manager, described EFQM as the "passport" that will open the EU market to Filipino IT firms.

"With the European outsourcing market growing fast, local IT companies are convinced that to succeed in doing business in the EU IT market, they must play by EU rules and expectations as far as quality and IT security are concerned," Constantino said. …