The Latest Razz Video and Dvd Reviews: THE PENN IS MIGHTIEST; Sean a Tour De Force in Nixon Death Plot THE ASSASINATION OF RICHARD NIXON 15

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Byline: by rick fulton

LUCKILY for us Sean Penn is on a roll. The former Hollywood bad boy has become its saviour. Many of his Eighties contemporaries have either taken the money (Tom Cruise), failed to fulfil their potential (Andrew McCarthy) or lost the plot with sex and drugs (Robert Downey Jr, Christian Slater and Rob Lowe... to name a few).

But recently Sean has proven that this Eighties wild card is the best actor of his generation with films such as 21 Grams, Mystic River andThe Interpreter.

And while The Assassination of Richard Nixon is a flawed and overly-preachy film, his performance in it is superb.

Based on a little known footnote in modern America history - the attempted assassination of the shamed Watergate president by an emotionally-disturbed salesman - Niels Mueller's debut also runs the risk of disappearing without a trace. In the winter of1974, 44-year-old Samuel J Bicke (Sean Penn) is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Separated from his beautiful wife Marie (Naomi Watts), who refuses his attempts at a reconciliation, Bicke sees deceit and insincerity all around him. …