Regions Still Put the Accent on Dialects

Article excerpt

Regional dialects are flourishing in England - quashing fears the bland uniformity of estuary English is taking over the nation's rich and varied linguistic heritage.

Regional variations are fending off the flat-vowelled accent of the south-east, which is perceived to be spreading beyond the boundaries of the home counties.

According to a website study of 32,000 respondents by the BBC Voices project there are now 480 different expressions for 'cold' within the UK and more than 700 ways of saying 'truant'.

While today 240 terms are used for left-handed, in the 1950s there were just 84 regional variations.

Jonnie Robinson, Curator of English Accents and Dialects at the British Library, has compiled 650 recordings of regional accents and dialects from 1950 and today.

Dialect refers to unique words which exist in different parts of the country, whereas accent is the way words are pronounced. …