ECSTASY 'MELTS YOU TO DEATH' Scientists Show How Clubbers Drug Rots Body's Vital Organs It Breaks Down Muscle Tissue and Dissolves It PROF JAMES HEFFON

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ECSTASY causes muscles to melt and fries internal organs, an Irish scientific report will claim.

The clubbing drug kills users by causing body temperature to rise dangerously - literally cooking bodies from inside.

Experts at University College Cork discovered ecstasy triggers muscles to over-stimulate, causing the tissue to dissolve.

Prof James Heffon from UCC with his colleague Prof Frank Lehmann-Horn from the University of Ulm in Germany will publish the findings next month.

Prof Heffon said: "Previously it was known that ecstasy worked on the central nervous system but now we have shown it can act on tissue outside that.

"This drug should be regarded as a toxic chemical and not as a recreational drug.

"Our discovery came about when we were working on diseases that lead to high temperatures particularly malignant hyperthermia (MH).

"This arises in rare cases when surgery patients react badly to anaesthesia. Their body temperature rises rapidly and can cause death if not controlled. …