Intellectual-Property Thieves Threaten Filipinos' Creative Skills, Official Says

Article excerpt


CEBU CITY Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Director-General Adrian S. Cristobal Jr. said yesterday the creativity and skills of the Filipinos are being threatened by those who are copying and stealing intellectual properties.

Cristobal said the theft of intellectual property is a growing problem, especially in the design and furniture industry as several people who take short cuts copy and steal the designs of other people.

"We are not sure of the extent of the problem, but what is certain is that if we do not act now to address the problem of intellectual property violations, our creative industries will lose its competitive advantage to our neighbors, especially China," Cristobal said.

He said designers and inventors should immediately have their products and creations patented so they will be protected from any kind of theft and violations.

He also said that there are many people who have not applied for patent due to the misunderstanding that patenting a creation requires a lot money and time.

"Registering a creation for a patent does not give its owner 100 percent assurance that it will not be copied but it is secured once it is patented," said Cristobal. …