St. Charles Schools to Lease Nearly 1,200 Computers

Article excerpt

Byline: Lisa Smith Daily Herald Staff Writer

The St. Charles school district will pay $1.3 million for 1,198 new computers, software and other equipment to replace machines that are more than five years old under a proposal approved by the school board Monday.

The district will lease the computers for five years. At the end of the five-year term, the district will own the equipment and have the option to sign a new lease to replace those machines in 2010.

John Reichling, the district's chief information officer, said the action will go a long way to achieving the district's technology goals. The new equipment will allow the district to: replace 861 outdated machines; add computers to classrooms, labs and learning resource centers across the district's 17 schools, many of which have fewer computers than other buildings of the same size; and move toward a single operating platform of Microsoft Windows, so Macs can be phased out within two years.

The equipment includes: 163 Dell laptops, which cost $1,200 each; 925 standard Hewlett Packard desktop computers, $676 each; 110 high-end multimedia Hewlett Packard desktop computers, $960 each; laptop cases and mobile carts, wireless network equipment; 400 standard and 110 high-end monitors; and $130,000 in software. …