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ASTON University is a relative new comer, but has a worldwide reputation.

Yet its origins were humble - found in the technical institutes that were set up by far-sighted Brummies late in the 19th century. Eventually a site at Gosta Green was acquired in 1933 for technical, commercial, arts and crafts colleges.

With the increasing interest in technological education during the 1950s-60s, Aston University was born - getting its charter on April22, 1966. Today it has four main schools of study - business, engineering and applied science, life and health sciences and languages and European studies.

Enjoy these pictures of some of those who have studied and worked at Aston's landmark site

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CAMPING OUT: These students found a novel way to publicise their annual Rag Week in Oct. 1978. They bedded down in the middle of Dartmouth Circus, giving passing motorists a surprise; BACK TO SCHOOL: Tracy Jones, aged 31, of Sutton Coldfield, collected a BSc from Aston University in July 1978, after going back to study while bringing up her two young children. She is pictured here with daughters Lara (left) and Deborah; SLEEPY HEAD: Aston University researchers came up with the perfect assignment for sleep-loving students in May 1980 - they paid them pounds 100 each to drop off! It was all part of a study into new drugs for epilepsy; MAPPING IT OUT: Student architects Trevor Vass, Ian Fisher, Richard Wragg and Gary Lupton look at plans for a municipal housing scheme with Coun Clive Wilkinson, leader of the city council, in March 1875; CHAMPIONS: Members of Aston University hockey club celebrate in March 1987, after beating the world record for non-stop hockey; TIME OUT: Students relax in the union building in Jan 1973. …