Lawyers and Judges

Article excerpt

IT should not be a surprise that the Social Weather Station survey reported that almost half of the country's lawyers know of judges that are accepting bribes. Survey results in the past have shown that graft has been going on among the judges with no end to it. The lawyers interviewed in the surveys gave the SWS 11 main reasons why so. Among those reasons are the difficulty of proof, fear of reprisal, nothing would be done. it's a "standard practice," whistle blowing on it entails much expenses in the ensuing legal battle, not knowing where to report to, not being involved in the matter is not their personal concern, etc. But what's unethical is to include bribe money in charging fees to clients, on grounds that to win a case, grease money has to change hands.

* * *

The lawyers' method of greasing the judge's hands to win their cases for the clients is not a justifiable advocacy and ethical practice in the practice of law. One of the two protagonists in a court battle will certainly be the winner and other the loser. The two cannot be both winners nor both losers. If this happens, then the result of a court litigation will be decided not by law, facts, and trial skill of the lawyers, but by the highest bidder, meaning the lawyer who has handed the biggest grease money to the judge. In the process of adding the grease money to top that of the opponent, the judge will be compensated to decide the case not through judicial process based on law and facts but on that of auction favoring the higher bidder. Clearly, such judge's decision is for sale.

* * *

If judges are perceived to be corrupt, as found through some surveys conducted by the Social Weather Station, this should be ascribed to the kind of lawyers we have today. …