LAW TO ALLOW GAY COUPLES TO ADOPT; Homosexual and Lesbian Partners Sign Up for Kids

Article excerpt


THREE gay couples have applied to adopt children after a dramatic legal move, it was revealed yesterday.

The country's top law officer has cleared the way for homosexuals living in this country to adopt kids.

Social workers can now permit either homosexuals or heterosexuals to be considered as adoptive parents.

The Adoption Board, which must approve all applications, has confirmed that single people are permitted to apply to adopt even if they are living with someone else.

But the Mother and Child Campaign claimed the law will "endanger" Irish children.

Spokeswoman Niamh Ui Bhriain said: "Most Irish parents would be horrified to learn that their children could be given for adoption by homosexuals at the behest of a social worker and the Adoption Board.

"The Adoption Act should be amended immediately to reflect the views of the majority of parents in this country, since no public support exists for homosexual parenting."

The existing law permits only married couples to apply for adoption as a couple. …