3am: MATE MOSS; Kate Makes Up with Her Mum in Ibiza

Article excerpt


KATE Moss has finally made it up with her mum after falling out earlier this year over the supermodel's relationship with Pete Doherty.

Kate healed the rift with Linda by introducing her to Ibiza's all-night party scene - and it seems the 56-year-old is as much of a rock chick as her daughter.

The pair usually enjoy a quiet annual holiday in the South of France but Linda loved Kaiser Chiefs' Ibiza Rocks concert and told singer Ricky Wilson that she's "their biggest fan".

Our source at the gig, hosted by top club Manumission last Friday, tells 3am: "Kate contacted organisers a couple of days before the show and no one was surprised when she said she wanted to come down with her old mates Jade Jagger and Sadie Frost, as they're all island veterans with a penchant for rock."

But as well as requesting her own vodka and champagne-stocked dressing room next to the Kaiser Chiefs at Privilege, 31-year-old Kate asked for a personal introduction to the band... for her mum.

Of course, Kate. Nothing to do with you having a soft spot for rockers, too.

Our spy continues: "When Kate said that she was bringing Linda to the club, a few eyebrows were raised, especially as the band weren't due on stage until 4am. …