Keira: I'mqueen of the Airbrush; It's Nice How They Can Take Away My Acne, Says British Beauty

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HER good looks and acting talents have made her one of Britain's most successful young film stars.

But as her latest movie premiered in London last night, Keira Knightley revealed that her supposed natural beauty is, in fact, largely thanks to the airbrush.

The 20-year-old actress, who stars as Elizabeth Bennet in the latest version of Pride And Prejudice, said she was an acne sufferer whose image in pictures is nothing like the real thing.

'Airbrushing is sort of nice because I always get acne, so it's all incredibly nice when they take it out digitally,' she said.

'I wish they could do that for me in my every day life.' She admitted that such digital wizardry does present an unattainable role model to her young fans.

'If you've got an image like that, and you're presenting it as reality, then I'm definitely not too comfortable with that,' she said in an interview with Radio 1.

'It is impossible to attain that, so if By Clemmie Moodie Showbusiness Reporter that's the image you're presenting and saying this is what you should look like, then I don't think that's OK because nobody can look like that.' In a recent interview Miss Knightley said she hated her body.

'I like so many other people's bodies. I like legs - I don't like my legs. A good pair of legs on someone else always makes me jealous.

'I don't have any tits so I can't show cleavage. Maybe I'm body dysmorphic.

The only part I really like is my stomach. …