Goodbye Boys, the Cleavage Is Taking on a Lower Profile

Article excerpt

A SUBTLE shift is taking place in the frontline of female fashion.

The busty cleavage, made popular by the 'Hello Boys' Wonderbra adverts starring Eva Herzigova, is being replaced by a more demure look, according to fashion experts.

The trend for accentuating the female form has been gathering pace for a number of years now with the push-up bra becoming something of a 'must-have' accessory.

But the latest sales show a reversal as women start to favour a more natural look. Market analysts TNS FashionTrak say sales of push-up bras have dropped ten per cent in the past year.

Even men appear to be getting bored with the look - purchases of the bras as presents fell even further, by 61 per cent.

Overall bra sales are rising.

Monitoring of the buying habits of 15,000 consumers revealed the market up by five per cent from [pounds sterling]617.1million to [pounds sterling]646.5million in the 12 months to the end of July.

Underwired bras rose by two per cent, while non-underwired increased 15 per cent. Sports bras proved particularly popular with an 18 per cent jump.

In comparison, push-up bras fell ten per cent, from [pounds sterling] 102.5million to [pounds sterling]92.4million.

TNS said the bra's falling popularity could be explained by fashion trends, as women favour ornate and peasant blouses typified by Boho chic and Victoriana rather than tight, low-cut tops. …