Cream Gave Me My Libido Back; GoodHealth

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TWO NEW testosterone creams could offer a more effective treatment for male impotence.

Trial results for the first of these creams, Polypharmacy, showed that half of the men who used it overcame their sexual problems within weeks.

A second cream, which is already available in Britain and has been used on nearly 200 men here, is having similar results, as well as reducing other symptoms of low levels of testosterone.

Impotence is estimated to affect one in ten men in Britain.

Although it is linked to a number of disorders and diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, it is also associated with low levels of the male hormone testosterone, which declines with age.

According to the American Urological Association, about 5 per cent of erectile dysfunction may be directly linked to low levels of testosterone.

Current treatments include patches, injections and oral capsules, but the new creams are said to be more effective, as they are applied directly to the genital areas.

The Polypharmacy cream - not yet available in this country - also contains compounds that increase blood flow to the erectile tissue. A trial of the cream, led by researchers from Assiut University in Egypt, showed that more than 70 per cent of men saw an increase in their libido after two months.

In the trial of about 100 men, testosterone levels in men using the cream increased by an average of 50 per cent after only two weeks.

A similar genital-applied cream made available in the UK in the past few months is also showing promising results.

At The Andropause Centre, a men's health centre in London's Harley Street, about 200 men have been treated with the prescription-only cream, which costs [pounds sterling]20 to [pounds sterling]40 for a month's supply. …