Hoover That Can Help Heal Wounds; Good Health

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A NINE-INCH lightweight vacuum has helped one of the victims of the London bombings to recover astonishingly quickly - and allowed him to leave hospital for the day to attend his mother's funeral.

Garri Holness, 37, a singer from Streatham in South London has stunned experts with his rapid recovery from the terrible injuries he received on July 7.

Less than three weeks after the attack, Garri, who lost his left leg below the knee and received shrapnel wounds to his right lower leg, had healed so quickly that he was able to have a major skin graft from his thigh to the stump of his left leg much earlier than anticipated.

His fight-back is thanks to a battery of cutting- edge techniques now available to medics treating severe trauma wounds. The VAC - or Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy - is just one of these, and is used increasingly in hospitals around the country.

VAC (which is also known as topical negative pressure therapy) works by using a gentle vacuum suction to remove debris of infected material from the wound.

A piece of malleable foam is cut to size and inserted into the wound.

Then a tube is attached to the top of the foam. The wound is then sealed with a plastic covering, a bit like cling film, and suction is applied through the tube from a pump.

As it draws the excess fluid and bacteria out of the wound, the suction and draining action has the knock-on effect of drawing the wound together and increasing the speed of closure and flesh regeneration. …