WHAT'S YOUR FOOD IQ? Brown Sugar or White? Olive Oil or Butter? Good Health

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WHILE we all strive to eat healthily, how many of us actually know what that means - or how to achieve it? Yet doctors increasingly warn us that we really are what we eat. They say being foodsmart will mean we not only feel better, but live longer, too. So, asks LUCY ELKINS, is your diet doing you justice? Take our fun quiz below and find out.

1 Which is better for you u

white or brown sugar?

2 Iron is needed to help

produce red blood cells.

Shortfalls in the diet can lead to

lethargy and anaemia. Which

contains more iron: a bowl of

spinach or a handful of dried


3 Which is higher in calorie

content: olive oil or butter?

4 Eating just 1.5g of omega-3

fish oil a week u equal to

2-3 portions of oily fish u

reduces the risk of heart disease.

Which has the most omega-3: a

mackerel; the mackerel"s weight

in fresh sardines; or a can of

tuna fish?

5 Muscle cramps can signal a

deficiency in which two


6 Chicken is a healthier option

than pork, true or false?

7 Calcium is needed to

maintain healthy muscles

and nerves. Which of the

following provides the most

calcium? A small tub of yoghurt;

a matchbox-size piece of cheese;

or sardines on toast?

8 Which foodstuffs can prevent

the body"s absorption of

calcium from the diet?

9 How much fibre should an

adult eat in an average day?

10 Which provides the most

fibre: two slices of brown

bread, two slices of wholemeal

bread or an avocado?

11An adult should eat no

more than 6g of salt a day

to avoid blood pressure

problems. Which of the following

is the saltiest? A packet of

crisps, a Pot Noodle or a portion

of supermarket mashed potato?

12 Why should you avoid

drinking tea at mealtimes?

13 What is the maximum

amount of saturated fat

an adult should eat daily?

14 How many meals per day

should include a portion of

starchy carbohydrate such as

potatoes or bread?

15 It is advised that we all

eat a minimum of five

portions of fruit and vegetables

daily as this has been found to

reduce the risk of many diseases,

including cancer. How much

broccoli do you need to eat to

qualify as a portion?

16 Which

of the

following is

kinder to teeth?

Orange juice, a

glass of milk or a

glass of fizzy


17 Following

a diet of

food with a low


Index is regarded by doctors as

one of the healthiest and most

effective methods of losing

weight. A food"s GI rating

indicates how quickly it is

converted into energy. Which of

the following meals has the

lowest GI: cheese and French

bread; a baked potato with

beans; or spaghetti with tomato

sauce and Parmesan?

18 Recurrent mouth ulcers

can be a symptom of a

deficiency of which nutrients in

the diet?

19 According to the Food

Standards Agency, if a

food contains 3g or less fat per

100g, then it is low in fat u but

per 100 grams, how much is said

to equal "a lot of fat"?

20 Which of the following

would contain the least

fat? Chicken Kiev with new

potatoes; a grilled steak with oven

chips; or lasagne?

21Which is better for you:

skimmed milk,

semi-skimmed milk, or organic

full fat milk? …